Notion Studios is a green screen video studio located in the heart of the historic Pioneer Square district of Seattle.

inside notion studios


Joey Trimmer

Owner of Notion Studios
I’m Joey Trimmer, a filmmaker, motion graphics designer and actor. I’ve made an independent feature film, been on The History Channel and operate my own green screen studio in Seattle. My passion is creating and consuming video.

Shooting a feature-length film after graduating from a two-year actor training program gave me experience in front of and behind the lens, which has become invaluable to my work. In an effort to sustain myself and to continue to create new videos, I built a green screen studio that has allowed me the ability to create new web shows, studio shoots or blend live action and animation. Working at PopCap Games gave me the opportunity to create videos for international brands like Bejeweled, Plants vs Zombies and Peggle.

My goal is to be constantly challenged and always be in an environment where I can apply my talents and continually grow my skill set while delivering high quality, creative videos.